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Spacecraft adventures started after the first mission on moon. This created new era of discoveries and developments. After each mission engineers worked on the spacecraft designs to make it more efficient. Different powers of the world started sending their own spacecrafts (i.e NASA spacecraft and Russia spacecraft) on space missions. Due to these spacecraft adventures following major discoveries were made:

Titan (Saturn’s Moon) was Explored
On January 14, 2005, the European Space Agency’s Huygens dropped their spacecraft on the moon. The spacecraft design was not suitable to live in such kind of environment for a long time but it unveiled several mysterious truths of the solar system. Before this mission the scientist have very little information about the largest moon of Saturn. After this, they get to know about the composition of the atmosphere of titan, they realized that it was similar to young Earth.

There is Water on Moon
Indian spacecraft confirmed the presence of water on moon. Still the surface of the moon is drier then the driest desert on Earth but it was discovered that the wind interaction with the lunar surface produces hydroxyl molecules. This has given a hope that in future by sending spacecrafts water could be extracted and that can be used for human settlement on moon.

The Discovery of Organic Matter in Outer Space
Meteorites found on Earth contain the organic chemistry that was originated in the space. NASA also announced that during their spacecraft mission they found samples of glycine in Stardust’s collection plate. Traces of organic chemicals were also found surrounding a star that is situated 220 light years from earth. Carbon dioxide, methane and water vapors are also discovered in space.

A Massive Black Hole in the Center of Space
It was found that there is a super massive black hole called Sagittarius A* is situated in the center of our galaxy. The presence of black hole was confirmed when it was found that a line star called S2 was encircling some kind of massive object and that was a black hole. The presence of black hole in the center of Milky Way also confirmed the theory that every galaxy contains one in its center.

Pluto was Demoted
In 2005, it was discovered that a minor body, which was 27 percent larger than the Pluto was found orbiting the Sun was said to be the 9th largest body to be orbiting around the Sun. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union presented a report stating that there are very high chances of finding other rock bodies of this size so the definition of the planet should be reconsidered. After this report, Pluto was added to the list of dwarf planets.

The Discovery of Dark Matter
In 2006, the presence of dark matter was confirmed when there was a head on smash between the two great clusters of galaxies in the Bullet Cluster.

Water was also Found on the Surface of Planet Mars
In 2008, NASA’s spacecraft landed on the red surface of Mars in order to get confirmed proofs and evidence relating the presence of water and organic matter on Mars. Eight year before this, astronauts found gullies on the surface of Mars that are formed through flowing of water. During this exploration on Mars, they found white powder, which vanished slowly. Afterwards it was discovered that it was water ice. This discovery not only confirmed that there is water on Mars but it also give hope that they could find life on Mars that might be using this supply of water in order to survive on the planet.

Alien Planets Discovered
During space missions it had been detected that there were alien planets called exoplanets present in space. To this date 400 alien planets have been discovered.

Space investigation is the progressing disclosure and investigation of heavenly structures in space by method for persistently developing and developing space innovation that includes future spacecraft design. While the investigation of space is completed for the most part by astronomers with telescopes, the physical investigation of space is directed both by unmanned automated tests and human spaceflights. For this purpose several spacecraft adventures are being carried out by several space agencies. With passing days several wonders and beauties of space is being discovered. This is causing the way we see our galaxies to be changed. The spacecraft adventures including those of NASA and Russian spacecraft are not only helping us to change and develop our science but it is also helping to get solution to the problems that are going to arise in our future.

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